Everything we make has an impact on our planet, so how are we making a change?

Our Materials

We understand that we are part of both the problem and the solution when it comes down to our environmental impact. The fashion industry is the second leading contributor to global pollution, and that’s why we believe that we must collectively cut down our consumption. That’s why we’re creating new products for the snow and ski industry using recycled plastics. Our goal is to use recycled fabrics that maintain their durability, performance, comfort, and versatility so that they can be worn season after season or passed down to friends and family.

Plastic persists in our environment indefinitely, and globally only 9% of plastic waste is recycled, while 22% is mismanaged. However, plastics in clothing are essential to building durable and high-performance products, as well as offering critical technical-performing qualities such as weatherproofing and moisture wicking.

We accept that recycling isn’t going to fix the global pollution impact, but we hope to inspire our customers to rethink how plastics are used and create a positive change within the ski and snow wear industry by investing in a sustainable-focused and ethically manufactured snow wear brand.

What can you do?

To put it simply, buy less and demand more from the ski, snow, and outdoor industry. Reject the concept of fast-fashion, or bad fashion, and opt for responsibly made and durable snow wear that you’ll wear for season after season. Prioritise your carbon footprint and buy from snow wear brands that openly share or remain transparent about their supply chain and carbon footprint.

We give back for every sale

We’re also proud partners of Plant & Protect. For every $20 spent on our store, we plant a tree now and always.
It’s a direct and simple way for us to give back to our beautiful planet.


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