What are your snowboard thermals made of?

Our snowboard thermals are crafted with sustainability in mind, utilising approximately 22 post consumer plastic bottles per set. Made from recycled polyester, certified by GRS® Global Recycled Standard, these thermals offer exceptional environmental benefits without compromising on quality. Unlike traditional wool, our thermals are designed to be itch-free while still providing superior insulation and moisture-wicking properties. Elevate your winter sports experience with our eco-friendly and high-performance snowboard thermals.



Sustainability is not merely a destination but a continuous journey - one that Arctic Eco Sno embraces wholeheartedly. At the heart of our brand, we’re the bridge connecting performance, function, and eco-conscious outerwear that prioritise people, and the planet. Every collection is meticulously crafted to blend sustainable high-performance functionality with comfort and style because we believe it's not just a choice - it's a necessity.



Our mission is “to empower outdoor enthusiasts with confidence by providing sustainable, high quality layers that ensure every adventure leaves a positive footprint”. We prioritise using GRS® certified recycled materials in our manufacturing processes. By incorporating these recycled materials into our products and packaging, we not only reduce waste but also breathe new life into existing resources, fostering a circular economy model that is both sustainable and environmentally conscious Up to now, our base layer collections have repurposed over 35,000 recycled plastic bottles, showcasing our commitment to sustainability. 



Experience peak performance, unparalleled warmth, and ultimate comfort while prioritising the planet. Explore our collection of engineered for your snowboarding adventures.
Do snowboarding thermals really work?
Absolutely! Snowboarding thermals are specifically engineered to provide essential insulation, moisture management, breathability, and comfort, making them highly effective as a base layer during snowboarding activities. These thermals are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in cold weather conditions, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the slopes without worrying about discomfort or performance issues.
Should snowboarding thermals be tight fitting?
To maximize the moisture-wicking and insulating properties of snowboard thermals, it's essential for them to have a snug fit against your skin without being overly tight. This close fit enables the thermals to efficiently draw moisture away from your body and retain heat, enhancing their performance. While not as loose as a regular t-shirt, snowboard thermals should feel snugger to ensure optimal functionality. If they are too loose, they may not effectively keep you dry and warm during cold weather activities.
Why choose recycled synthetic materials for snowboarding thermals?
Opting for thermals crafted from recycled synthetic materials offers significant environmental advantages by reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimising energy consumption. Moreover, these materials provide exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that your thermals not only support sustainability efforts but also deliver reliable functionality for your outdoor adventures.
How many plastic bottles are used to create each snowboarding thermal base layer set?
Each Arctic Eco-Sno snowboarding thermal set is meticulously crafted using approximately 22 post-consumer plastic bottles. This commitment to sustainability ensures that your gear not only performs exceptionally on the slopes but also contributes positively to environmental conservation efforts.
How many thermals to take skiing or snowboarding?
Determining the ideal number of thermals to pack for skiing or snowboarding is influenced by various factors, including the length of your trip, personal preferences, and access to laundry facilities. As a general rule of thumb, it's advisable to bring at least two sets of thermals: one to wear during your skiing or snowboarding activities and an additional set as a backup. This ensures you're prepared for any changes in weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, allowing you to enjoy your time on the slopes comfortably and confidently.
How to wash and dry your thermals?
When laundering ski or snowboarding thermals, it's typically best to utilise a washing machine set to a gentle or delicate cycle with a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. For drying, air drying by hanging is preferable to maintain the integrity of the fabrics. Avoid using a dryer, as this can potentially damage the materials and compromise the performance of the thermals over time.
What is your returns policy?
Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we proudly provide a 100-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not delighted with your order, please visit our returns page located at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at info@arcticecosno.com. We're here to ensure your experience with Arctic Eco-Sno is exceptional.

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