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03. Our Sustainability Journey

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Welcome to Arctic Eco-Sno, where passion for the outdoors meets a commitment to sustainability. 

At the heart of our brand, we’re the bridge connecting performance, function, and eco-conscious layers that prioritise people, and the planet. We're here to empower outdoor enthusiasts like you, extending your time in the activities you love while preserving the natural environment. You'll not only look good but also feel good about your impact on the planet. 


Welcome to Arctic Eco-Sno, where passion meets purpose.

Meet the faces behind the brand: Josh & Morgan Le-Fay. As avid skiers and adventurers, our journey with Arctic Eco-Sno began in 2021 with a shared love for the mountains, and a deep commitment to sustainability. From the slopes to the peaks, skiing has been an integral part of our lives since childhood, shaping our connection to the mountains and fostering a profound appreciation for nature's wonders. Committed to preserving the snow and outdoor industry, we offer sustainable layers that embody our ethos of responsible sustainability.

We started the Arctic Eco-Sno journey in turning a personal challenge into an exciting opportunity, and dedicated 12-months working with a leading manufacturer to perfect our recycled base layer collections. We believe in more than just selling products; we're here to inspire a lifestyle, and build a community of conscious consumers that share our values. We believe in quality, long-lasting pieces that not only enhance your adventures but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of redefining the future of skiing and outdoor adventures. Together, let’s adventure responsibly, explore endlessly, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

02. OUR “WHY”

Why did we create the brand Arctic Eco-Sno?

Our journey began from a personal challenge - and yet a simple question - Why compromise on comfort, performance, and style when it comes to finding a base layer?

We appreciate the importance of a base layer as it’s functionality as a second-skin, or armour, designed to keep you comfortable in the unpredictable conditions, and for all activity levels, but there was one problem; as a new season rolled around, we faced the constant challenge of finding a base layer kind to sensitive skin without compromise.

In a world dominated by wool-designed products, we struggled to find a base layer that didn’t give the dreaded itch or irritation under our outer wear; and determined to overcome this limitation, we turned our personal challenge into an exciting opportunity.

Our mission is to "empower outdoor enthusiasts with confidence by providing sustainable, high quality layers that ensure every adventure leaves a positive footprint."


We care passionately about our mountains, and our planet, and believe that treating it with fairness to drive a positive environmental impact. We also are aware of the environmental impact of fast-fashion, and the climate crisis we are facing; which is why we are committed to promoting a culture of slow and conscious consumption, and actively minimising waste starting with the plastic pollution crisis. 

We prioritise using GRS® certified recycled materials in our manufacturing processes. By incorporating these recycled materials into our products and packaging, we not only reduce waste but also breathe new life into existing resources, fostering a circular economy model that is both sustainable and environmentally conscious. Up to now, our collections have repurposed over 35,000 recycled plastic bottles, showcasing our commitment to sustainability. The GRS® certification also means that the recycled materials come from trusted sources, are sustainably and ethically produced, and that their point of origin can be traced and verified. 

We're committed to sustainability in every aspect, using recycled mailing bags and packaging to reduce waste and champion eco-conscious practices. Each package we send represents a stride towards a greener future.

The eden Projects logo and positive impact


Everything we do, we make sure we give back.

Arctic Eco-Sno is dedicated to making a positive impact, starting with planting a tree for every order and a commitment to cleaning up and recycling 1kg of plastic with every order. That's why we've partnered with both the Eden Project to plant trees and Empower to become plastic positive. This enhances our efforts to inspire individuals to embark on their own adventures while championing the preservation of our planet - a crucial step in combating rising temperatures and climate change.

While we acknowledge that our efforts alone won't solve the climate crisis, we see sustainability as an ongoing journey to continuous learning and growth, seizing each new challenge as an opportunity to uncover innovative solutions.



Don't hesitate to reach out – we value our community and look forward to hearing from you. Whether you're interested in our commitment to sustainability, have ideas to share about our products, or just want to engage in a conversation, we're ready to connect. Your inquiries are important to us, and we're here to foster meaningful discussions. Together, let's contribute to a positive impact on the planet and work towards building a more sustainable future.


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