Welcome to Arctic Eco-Sno - we are a snow and outdoor apparel brand that offers the best sustainable snow and outdoor collections that prioritise people and the environment. We believe that sustainable snow and outdoor apparel should be accessible, without compromising on performance, function, quality and style, and we achieve this by crafting our snow, and outdoor apparel collections from recycled materials built to last. 


We are passionate skiers, and adventurers, and are extremely proud to be the founders of Arctic Eco-Sno - a brand powered by passion, experience, and qualifications in the ski industry; and devoted to our growing community of conscious customers who want to make responsible shopping decisions with a brand that they can trust.

We’re Josh & Morgan Le-Fay, and as lifelong mountain sport enthusiasts, skiing became as natural as walking for us at a young age, and remained a constant in our lives.  Our professional paths took us through various roles, but it was a leap of faith that brought Arctic Eco-Sno into existence.

We started the Arctic Eco-Sno journey in turning a personal challenge into an exciting opportunity, and dedicated 12-months working with a leading manufacturer to perfect our recycled base layer collections. We’re here for quality, long-lasting pieces to inspire people to create their own adventures, but also contribute to the preservation of the world around us.


Why did we create the brand Arctic Eco-Sno

It is where passion meets purpose.

Our journey began from a personal challenge - and yet a simple question - Why compromise on comfort, performance, and style when it comes to finding a sustainable base layer?

We appreciate the importance of a base layer as it’s functionality as a second-skin, or armour, designed to keep you comfortable in the unpredictable conditions, and for all activity levels, but there was one problem; as a new season rolled around, we faced the constant challenge of finding a base layer kind to sensitive skin without compromise.

In a world dominated by merino-wool products, we struggled to find a base layer that didn’t give the dreaded itch or irritation under our outer wear; and determined to overcome this limitation, we turned our personal challenge into an exciting opportunity.

Embrace the Arctic Eco-Sno difference, with layers that truly care for your sensitive skin without compromise.


Driven by passion, and “our why”, we aspired to create a brand that addressed our shared heartbreak in seeing our winter seasons deteriorate, and the overwhelming feeling that we need to make a a positive difference.

We shared a goal to join to the journey in fighting the climate crisis to cool down the planet, and preserve the natural beauty of the world around us, and in achieving this, we need to accelerate the way people feel, and look at conscious fashion ~ because developing sustainable shopping habits starts by feeling good, and about your clothes.

Our mission is "to make sustainable apparel the new normal, and to prove that performance, function, style, and sustainability can seamlessly coexist".

We understand that our brand’s existence may seem contradictory - how can we exist, and still use the term “sustainable” because everything we create will come to a cost to environment; but we make sure our collections meet strict requirements, being more responsibly sourced and ethically made. We will be transparent in our efforts, goals, and specific about our actions instead of merely saying we're sustainable.

For us, sustainability is a progressive journey; not an end destination. It is about making choices that demonstrate we can do better, as an industry, as well as being a personal value that guides our every decision in our daily lifestyle - big picture, or small, everything we do, everything we make, we give back. You’ll find more about this in our “Our How”.



We care passionately about our mountains, and our planet, and believe that treating it with fairness to drive a positive environmental impact.

We also are aware of the environmental impact of fast-fashion, and the climate crisis we are facing; which is why we are committed to promoting a culture of slow and conscious consumption, and actively minimising waste starting with the plastic pollution crisis. 

Our Motion Base Layer collection is crafted with a GRS® certified recycled polyester, repurposing 35 000 post-consumer plastic bottles destined to pollute our oceans. The raw material or plastic is spun into a yarn, to create a flexible, moisture-wicking, strong, and durable fabric. By using a recycled polyester in our base layer collection this allows us to sidestep the oil extraction required to make conventional, virgin polyester.

The GRS® certification also means that the recycled materials come from trusted sources, are sustainably and ethically produced, and that their point of origin can be traced and verified. 


Arctic Eco-Sno is here to give back too - starting with a tree planted for every order.

We are here to inspire people to create their own adventures, and protect to the preservation of the world around us. That's why we partnered up with The Eden Project. Planting trees is now one of the best ways to tackle rising temperatures and climate change. 

Our goal is to plant 10 000 trees, or the equivalent of 6 football pitches by the end of 2025. In achieving this goal, these trees will absorb 3000 tonnes of co2 from the atmosphere over their lifetime.

We understand that our actions alone are not enough to combat the climate crisis, and that there is so much more to being a “sustainable” brand; but it is an evolving journey, impossible to make every change immediately, but to every new challenge, a new opportunity or solution can be uncovered, and this excites us to continue our learning, and growth to make a positive change to our planet, and we hope that you’ll join us on this journey.


Don't hesitate to reach out – we value our community and look forward to hearing from you. Whether you're interested in our commitment to sustainability, have ideas to share about our products, or just want to engage in a conversation, we're ready to connect. Your inquiries are important to us, and we're here to foster meaningful discussions. Together, let's contribute to a positive impact on the planet and work towards building a more sustainable future.



For every product purchased we plant a tree, now and always. It’s a direct and simple way for us to help offset our carbon omissions.

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