The Best Ski Thermals In Australia for 2023

Choosing the right base layers layers when hitting the slopes or taking part in any outdoor activity is crucial. A base layer is so important for maintaining the right body temperatures and a good base layer will wick away moisture from the body that is often caused by sweat. This eliminates dampness and cold setting in while participating in any outdoor activities.

Why should I wear a base layer when I already have my outerwear to keep me warm and dry?

While your outerwear does an amazing job protecting you from the outside winter elements it doesn't regulate your own body temperature so the layer you wear next to your skin is very important for keeping your body temperatures at the right level.

Why do I need ski thermals when I normally just wear a t-shirt under my jacket?

Okay we hear this one all the time, probably 90% of all t-shirts out there are made from cotton, let us tell you why you should never wear cotton when skiing or snowboarding.

Cotton is a great thermal insulator – as long as it’s dry. Once wet, cotton becomes a poor insulator and does a poor job of preventing hypothermia-hence the old adage, “cotton kills”. 

Unless you are some kind of robot that doesn't ever sweat, you're going to get sweaty under your toasty outerwear, and this sweat is going to obsorb into your nice cotton t-shirt which is going to stay damp the whole time you are out on the mountain. This envietably is going to make you cold no matter what you do.

So yeah long story short, don't wear cotton on the mountain!


Look for: Moisture wicking, odour resistance & sustainably made.

Moisture wicking : As we mentioned above keeping dry on the mountain is critical so you want to make sure the fabric you pick for your thermals has great moisture wicking properties. Sythetic materials like polyester are by far the best mositure wicking fabrics to choose from.

Odour resistance: No one wants to be that smelly friend at apres when you have been on the slopes all day. Make sure you pick a thermal that has this feature, once again synthetic fabric are usually the best to choose from for this feature.

Sustainable:This is such an undervalued feature in today's world. You probably read about how Europe had no snow over christmas? If you missed that on the news, look it up, not what we want to see. What would happen to our beautiful snow industry if there was no more snow? That is not something we like to imagine but there is a very high possibility this will hapen with the way we currently live. So choose a brand that creates sustainable snow wear, not cheap fast fashion alternatives that will just continue to add to the problem of global pollution.


Heading off for your next snow trip?
Our Motion Base Layers are the perfect base layers for your next adventure.

How do they work?

We’ve created these base layers using a recycled poly/spandex blend to create exceptionally warm yet breathable baselayers for ever changing mountain environments, from the slopes to apres bars.

Our sythetic fabric has unbelievable moisture wicking properties and its lightweight 'second skin' feel making it an excellent choice when your working up a sweat on the mountain.

Best baselayer for:  Skiing, snowboarding, alpine activities, cold weather hiking and mountaineering.

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