Ski Green in Australia

Top Sustainable Ski Resorts and Eco-Friendly Gear

As global awareness of environmental issues grows, many winter sports enthusiasts are seeking ways to reduce their ecological footprint while enjoying the slopes. In Australia, several ski resorts have embraced sustainability, implementing practices to minimise their impact on the environment. This blog will explore the concept of "skiing green," highlight Australia's top sustainable ski resorts, and introduce you to our eco-friendly base layers designed for your next ski trip.

The Concept of Skiing Green

Skiing green involves adopting environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of skiing and snowboarding. This includes energy-efficient snowmaking, waste reduction, habitat conservation, and promoting sustainable travel options. Resorts worldwide, including those in Australia, are increasingly recognising the importance of preserving the natural beauty that attracts visitors, leading to a surge in green initiatives. By supporting these resorts and choosing eco-friendly gear, skiers can significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Top Sustainable Ski Resorts in Australia

1. Thredbo Alpine Resort

Thredbo Alpine Resort is at the forefront of environmental sustainability in Australia. The resort has implemented energy-efficient snowmaking, comprehensive recycling programs, and waste reduction initiatives. Thredbo also focuses on habitat conservation and provides environmental education to its visitors, ensuring everyone is aware of their impact on the mountain environment.

2. Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Falls Creek is dedicated to sustainable practices, making it a top choice for eco-conscious skiers. The resort utilises renewable energy sources, implements water-saving measures, and encourages eco-friendly transportation options. Additionally, Falls Creek is involved in several conservation projects aimed at protecting local wildlife and flora, ensuring the natural beauty of the area is maintained.

3. Mount Buller

Mount Buller has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. The resort has introduced a comprehensive recycling program, employs energy-efficient technology, and supports local conservation efforts. Mount Buller also promotes sustainable travel options and educates visitors on the importance of environmental stewardship, making it a leader in green skiing.

4. Perisher Ski Resort

Perisher Ski Resort is dedicated to minimising its environmental footprint through various green initiatives. The resort uses energy-efficient snowmaking techniques, supports reforestation projects, and has a robust waste management system. Perisher also raises awareness and educates its guests on sustainable practices, ensuring that everyone who visits is conscious of their environmental impact.

5. Hotham Alpine Resort

Hotham Alpine Resort is another excellent choice for sustainable skiing in Australia. The resort focuses on energy-saving measures, water conservation practices, and waste reduction programs. Hotham is also actively involved in protecting local ecosystems and wildlife, ensuring that their natural environment is preserved for future generations to enjoy.


Choosing to ski green not only helps preserve the stunning environments we love but also supports resorts that are making significant efforts toward sustainability. By opting for eco-friendly ski destinations and gear, we can all contribute to the preservation of our planet. Our sustainable base layers are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance while minimising environmental impact.

As you plan your next ski trip, consider the environmental impact of your choices and make a conscious effort to support sustainable practices in the skiing industry.

Embrace the slopes responsibly and ski green this Australian Winter Season

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