Getting Ready for Skiing: How Many Thermals Do You Need?

Packing For Your Ski Holiday

Planning for an exciting skiing trip leads to a common question: how many thermals should you bring? The answer is clear – thermals are really important for skiing. In this guide, we'll talk about why thermals are important and answer questions like how many pairs you should bring and what's best for longer skiing trips.

Should You Wear Thermals When Skiing?

Absolutely! Wearing thermals is a non-negotiable part of your skiing attire. Thermals provide insulation, keeping your body warm in the chilly mountain environment. They act as a crucial layer that retains body heat while wicking away moisture, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your skiing escapade.

How Many Pairs of Base Layers Do I Need?

For a skiing or snowboarding trip, it's advisable to pack at least two sets of thermal base layers. This allows you to alternate between them, ensuring you have a dry and fresh layer to wear each day.

Ski thermal base layers are designed to regulate your body temperature by trapping warm air close to your skin. Opt for synthetic quick-drying materials, which are odour-resistant and ensure you stay comfortable on the slopes such as our thermal base layers.

How Many Base Layers for a 5-Day Skiing Trip?

Even for a multi-day skiing adventure, two sets of thermal base layers are generally sufficient. The key is to pack strategically and make use of the layering system.

High-performing thermal base layers are excellent at moisture management allowing you to rinse and air-dry them overnight. This way, you can alternate between the two sets of base layers ensuring a comfortable and odour-free experience throughout your 5- day skiing trip.

Additional Tips On Thermal Base Layers

Consider the Climate: If you're heading to extremely cold conditions, you may want to pack an extra set of thermals as a precaution. Assess the weather forecast and pack accordingly to ensure you're prepared for any unexpected changes in temperature.

Invest in Quality: Quality matters when it comes to thermals. Investing in well-constructed base layers will not only enhance your comfort but also contribute to the longevity of your gear. Look for reputable brands and synthetic materials that offer both insulation and breathability.

Opt for sustainable thermals: These eco-friendly base layers not only provide the warmth and comfort essential for skiing but also minimise environmental impact by repurposing existing resources. By choosing recycled thermals, you actively participate in reducing the demand for new raw materials, lessening energy consumption, and diminishing the overall carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing processes. Make a conscious choice for sustainability on the slopes, and let your eco friendly thermal base layers be a testament to your commitment to both comfort and environmental responsibility.

Don't Forget Accessories: In addition to thermals, consider packing other essential accessories like thermal socks, gloves, and a balaclava to ensure you're adequately protected from the cold.


Crafted to optimise performance, our sustainably-made recycled base layers offer the essential features required for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.

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